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5 Christmas Gifts For Small Business Owners

December 20, 2016 | Financial Saviour

This month we focus on some gift ideas for small business owners this Christmas.

The whole festive period is a special time of year to be spent with family and loved ones. It also provides many with a welcome break from work, bridging the gap between efforts of the previous year and preparation for the next.

But for business owners who run like clockwork, the festivities are less relaxing. Their business is their livelihood after all, so finding something that will prove to be truly beneficial can be a struggle. Fortunately, the possibilities when buying for an entrepreneur really are endless.

Here are ten gifts ideas from Financial Saviour:

1. Personalised notebook

notebook with pen and coffee on old wooden table







A notebook with a personal touch immediately ousts the thousands of generic styles on offer in every retailer. It shows that the gift has been carefully considered, whether the uniqueness is found with the cover, page design or overall style.

Having a notebook quick to hand is always useful for entrepreneurs to rapidly fire down their every thought and make important notes, especially if one could lead to that next big business idea.


2. USB

hand with usb flash drive inserting it into laptop computer closeup







It’s inevitable that entrepreneurs will need to transfer files between various systems and also keep these documents backed up.

USBs provide a solution for both and now come with astronomical capacity so a complete set of files for an entire project can be stored on a single pen drive and labelled to be distinguished from the rest.


3. Desk plant

Empty desk







Add some life and colour, and spruce up an entrepreneur’s desk. Even if they’re regularly out and about for business purposes, an entrepreneur will always return to their work hub where the business ideas and actions come to life.

A desk plant incorporated into this hub is a simple addition that creates a productive environment with cleaner surrounding air. Studies have also shown that desk plants help to reduce ambient noise which would otherwise cause distractions.


4. Camera tripod

Camera on tripod







Building the brand of their business is key for an entrepreneur, and photography offers a creative outlet to manage this.

Any camera equipment and add-ons therefore make a great gift if you know they’ll be put to good use, but a camera tripod is especially useful if the individual really wants to showcase their quality and professionalism through first-hand photography.


5. Whiteboard

Business people working together in office







Whiteboards offer that perfect canvas to scribble down urgent notes, tasks and mind maps in a stream of consciousness manner. Different colours can segment and break down temporary tasks so there’s a clear indication of what to prioritise.

Not only will these notes then always be prominent until complete, but pages in notebooks will be reserved for the most important information, rather than having to sift through pages of jottings – a definite Christmas bonus.

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