Information on Corporate Recovery

Who is Corporate Recovery for?

  • Company directors
  • Company shareholders
  • Finance providers
  • Creditors of a troubled business
  • Any business that is underperforming whether insolvent or not

What is Corporate Recovery?

Corporate recovery is the name given to the rescues undertaken by professionally trained accountants to assist the management of companies in nursing a business in financial and/or other difficulties back to full health.

Financial Saviour is a firm committed to business rescue and our objective in every case is to reverse the direction of our clients’ business. We will develop a practical plan bespoke to your business, sector and employees, while retaining the integrity of your company, helping it return to a successful trading operation.

How can Corporate Recovery help you?

In today’s minefield of modern business, companies can unknowingly slip into insolvency by following inadequate advice or receiving no support on business endeavours at all. Liquidation becomes a real possibility and that is where Corporate Recovery steps in.

Rescuing a business through a Corporate Recovery procedure isn’t always a simple process, but an absolute worthwhile one if your business is to continue trading. Practicals solutions such as the ones provided by the team at Financial Saviour involve determining the assets that can be divided to save your business.

In the case of a formal insolvency, directors are personally advised on their duties, responsibilities and acquisition of assets from an appointed insolvency practitioner. Outside of formal insolvency procedures, Financial Saviour can advise on corporate solvency issues and refinancing as well as business rescue.

How can we help?

Financial Saviour have the experience and expertise to offer a full range of Corporate Recovery services. We tailor our approach for each and every client depending on the company history, current financial situation and overall aims and objectives of the business.

On this page we’ve outlined who the various Corporate Recovery procedures are for and how, as a whole, they help get your business back on track. As every case is different, however, we would encourage you to make contact with us as soon as possible so we can provide the best possible solution, taking your individual circumstances into account. You can read more about the support offered by Financial Saviour on our Help & Advice page.

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